Why TATA Nano Failed?

Who Don’t know about Launch hype of TATA Nano. Everyone knows that TATA NANO was one of Cars produced by TATA MOTORS. But what were the reasons that Tata could not maintained this hype of tata Nano? Why TATA Nano failed? What were mistakes made by TATA? let know in today’s Article.

10 years ago, we often see banners and posters of TATA Nano on Every roads of India, In house, and also in newspapers and news channels, we were reading ” Tata Nano – World’s Cheapest Car”. But Tata Nano couldn’t converted or unable to convert this hype in Sales.But this slogan affected on people’s mind on opposite. In trying to make Tata Nano world’s most cheapest car designed in india for family, Tata Nano’s reputation got opposite. This slogan started targeting people’s mind and because of this people started calling it a Cheap price car. At that time it was assumed that TATA Nano is for poor people and middle class man who can’t afford a car. And just because of this and to show off their standards and to maintain their Urban-living status people started neglecting Tata-Nano.

Tata Nano

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This was the first reason why TATA nano failed and let’s talk about second reason of failures of Tata Nano. With this there were a lot of mistakes also made by TATA MOTORS. Tata Nano faced a lot of mistakes during the production time of Tata Nano car. At time of intial production of Tata Nano there were also a lot of technical and issues and stability issues that consumers and buyers disliked. This was one of the major reason of its failures. Even it was also declared unsafe by a lot of agencies.

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