The UK braces for travel chaos at the start of the transport workers’ strike

The UK braces for travel chaos at the start of the transport workers’ strike


The (Bloomberg) Train drivers in the UK started a wave of nationwide  strikes to demand higher pay, disrupting travel during the busiest time  of year for vacationers.

The start of multiple days of transport workers’ walkouts throughout  the upcoming week was the strike on Saturday by members of Aslef, a  union that represents 96% of the country’s train drivers. Leading trade  unionists in the nation will gather for a “Enough Is Enough” protest on  August 17 in South London.

A cost-of-living problem is affecting millions of Britons as a result of the biggest inflation in 40 years.

As the Conservative Party decides who will succeed outgoing Prime  Minister Boris Johnson when he resigns next month under pressure from  the party, it may be the single most significant domestic issue facing  the government.

On Saturday, trains were running with extremely limited service and were  highly crowded. Passengers, particularly football fans, vented their  concerns on social media.

As a heat wave scorches the nation, operators in some parts of the UK  announced they would have to run at slower speeds due to excessive track  temperatures.

The first of 50 rallies organized by the union-led organization Enough  Is Enough, which includes Labour MP Zarah Sultana, will take place in  Britain.

Throughout the coming days, there will be strikes on the rail, the London Underground, and certain buses in the city.

Enough is Enough claimed to have collected 300,000 supporter signatures in three days by Friday. A real-terms salary boost for workers, lower energy costs, an end to  food insecurity, the building of more attainable homes, and increased  taxes for wealthy incomes are the group’s five main goals.