Supply chain issues are creating a tampon shortage

People in search of tampons and other period products are finding sparsely stocked store shelves and higher prices

Popular retailers CVS and Walgreens, as well as major manufacturer  Proctor & Gamble, acknowledged a shortage for tampon and other  period products and said they are working to meet consumer demand as  soon as possible

Supply chain issues and historically high inflation have affected all manner of goods. Tampon prices are up roughly 10% from a year ago, Bloomberg reports, while the cost of menstrual pads has risen more than 8% during the same period.

– Contributing to the rising prices is an uptick in the cost to make  the products. Materials manufacturers need - cotton and plastic - have  been in high demand for use in personal protective equipment since the  onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What they’re saying: A Procter & Gamble  spokesperson, which owns the Tampax and Always brands, blamed higher  demand on an ad campaign the company unveiled in July 2020 with the  comedian Amy Schumer,

"We understand it is frustrating for consumers when they can't find what  they need," the spokesperson said, per CNN. "We can assure you this is a  temporary situation."