ELON MUSK just bought Twitter| Elon Musk takes 9% stake in Twitter

ELON Musk just bought part of twitter literally a huge position in twitter. Twitter shares soared more than 25 after Elon musk takes nine percent stake in social media company we know elon musk absolutely positively loves twitter. okay that man’s on twitter as much as not more than i’m on discord. That man loves twitter like it’s nobody’s business has gotten him in some trouble before and here he is buying up twitter.

This is incredible now the elon musk net worth is 267 billion dollars as of today every time a tesla stock goes up that manager gets a whole bunch richer and if spacex ever raises money you know he gets a lot richer. ELON MUSK net worth has increased exponentially over the past five ten years has been is something amazing to kind of see as far as that goes now. This is an important number to remember this 267 billion dollars and the reason that’s an important number to remember is twitter’s entire market capitalization.

As of right now is 31 billion dollars and we’re going to talk for just a moment if i’m going to be buying a twitter stock on the back of this and what this could make you know for a change for tesla stock. But think about this for a moment right ELON musk net worth as of today is what about 9x roughly what twitter’s entire market at capitalization is. Which is just crazy to think about right and so here we are with twitter’s talk making just an epic app move and if you want to talk about something that’s going to be all over twitter tomorrow and all over the business community this is it okay this is it and i mean if elon musk really wanted to make a splash out there.

Did he just make a splash that is going to get him talked about everywhere in the next 20-4 to 48 hours this is going to be incredible. now this is also moving tesla stock simultaneously not much but it’s still you know it’s already up one percent. And don’t be surprised if tesla ends up going up on the back of this this has almost nothing to do with tesla other than it’s something involved with elon musk right.

But i can almost guarantee you elon musk isn’t buying the stake to somehow incorporate into tesla something like that but you know how these things are they can kind of build into little mini hype cycles that could end up potentially moving you know tesla stock even on the back of this. But this what you’re finding here this is going to be talked about everywhere tomorrow no will i be doing anything with twitter stock no as a long-term investor.

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i’m not looking to get involved in this at all however i will not be surprised at all if uh you know these gains end up holding and maybe even go up more tomorrow and the reason being is like i said this is going to be the most talked about thing on the internet when it comes to business community not just tomorrow but probably this entire week this is such like earth shaking news and like i said there’s no information about but there will be a whole lot more information tomorrow. And with something like this happening guys yeah you know this is crazy this is crazy epic big and elon musk knows how to get some attention and man is this an attention attention-grabbing move and what his ambitions are there we’ll have to see and sort all that out all i know is this is literally breaking news as of right now.

Elon musk bought share of twitter

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