How to choose No.1 MLM company for yourself|Five factors before joining Network marketing by Pushkar Raj Thakur

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Do you want to know that this year number one network Marketing? which is that MLM company which you should join now which in the next 10 years is going to grow well do you want to know which is such company where after joining you can earn maximum income. Definitely you will get the answer of these questions but in a different way I will answer you these questions instead of telling you which company is number one, I am going to give you some factors with which you yourself will judge that which is number one company.

I don’t have to say the name what is best for you telling you that is more important for your future, for your personality. Which company is the the best well in network marketing industry? there are thousand companies now worldwide and when there are thousands of companies so to get a number 1 it is a very big deal and instead you also have to check that which is number one company for you, that is also a big deal. So what we are going to do we are going to definitely see which is number one company but with the different approach of how I will tell you For Example, If you want to buy a shoe now you go on Amazon and search for shoes you will get a selection of thousands of shoes for you. but what is best for you for that you put on filters you will sort out that you want for men or women, Which size, Which colour you choose this and after that the options. Which are there from that you decide what is the best for you if I choose for you that this is the number one then it could be number one definitely but not for you so how will we go ahead let’s understand that I’m going to tell you five factors with which you can exactly we go to the shoe which we like similarly we will choose the company which is the best for you

Define Sector for yourself in Multi-level marketing

Number one factor which for network marketing industry most of the people make the mistake that they just hear that this company is famous this company is growing, I will join this. This is a wrong approach what you have to do very first you have to see that which company is best for you. So industry is very large now in network marketing industry. There are multiple sectors some is for skin care some for nutritional supplement some for health drinks some for cryptocurrency some in real state some in jewelry, Some in garment apparels some in tour and travel so you have to decide the sector that your interest is. In which sector that you have to do that work in which sector do you want to work well don’t see that you have to join a network marketing company you have to see that you are starting your business now in which business, There is margin which business will grow that you have to decide company we will join according to that so you have to join network marketing you have understood that but which sector you have to choose the Sector. if you haven’t chosen till now so you decide that your interest is in which sector if you will do a business how you will do it you definitely see that in that industry what is the growth whatever products you are going to go sell what is the demand for that now you see that in market many people have a problem with pimples now with pimples problem, they will you some cosmetic cream or some face wash and your product is very effective when people will regularly use it with which you will have a repeat trying base now this business is profitable for you so just like that you have to create a thought process that whichever business you are going to do what is the industry of that what is the sector of that and in that Sector what is the demand how much is it going to grow so this is the first factor on which you have to work and you have to sort out now when you are defined. A sector than in that sector you will get 10 options that from them you have to choose a company now there is second factor…

Track Company record before joining MLM company

Second factor That you will see the company’s track record and see that how much the company is capitalized. What does it mean you will see the past years of company you will check what is the track record of the company is that company growing or not its turnover is high or low this you have to see along with this you have to see you have to see that the founders of that company how much money do they have how much assets do they have why am I saying this If a company has to grow then they need money definitely they can earn and reinvest but when there are hard times than many network companies get closed now in the hard times will be there. So what the founder of the company will think that first money should be given to me or to the distributors so the person who does not have money he must think that he must get the money because he has to sustain the company but the person who himself has much money he will think that my distributors must get income in hard times also, so you choose a company whose track record is best and that company’s capitalized their founders are very strong. You are going to join how are those people now IV factor.

Joining Group of People in Multi Level Marketing

Third factor which you have to see which you have to analyze before entering a market that you are not joining a Network marketing company, You are joining a group of people, you are joining a team now whichever team you are joining you see the team in which team you are going what is the energy of the people how much they are passionate about their goals because if they will be passionate then they will develop a culture and because of that culture all the people every member of the team will grow. So becoming a part of such a team is better where people have a vision have high energy so before company you have to see the group of people that are these people are good for me or will I get the right guidance and right culture here or not, so you have to decide, so you see you are sorting every factor we define the Sector we saw the track record of the company we saw its capitalization and after that we saw that the people.

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How legally the Company is Operating

Now IV factor on which you have to focus on is how legitimately the company’s operating now. what is the way to check legitimate factor that you have to see is the company is giving money for connecting the people or when the turnover is getting produced when sales are there then it is giving money on that so you if you are getting money only to connect people then it is not business. it is a scheme because in network marketing is a business in business money is there when turnover is increased so if you are getting percentage on turnover then it is a legitimate business, so you can join that and if it is a scheme then you will get money just by joining people that just joined the person, and you will get the money then that is a scheme that business won’t grow it won’t sustain you don’t have to join it where you are getting turnover based money that will grow also and move forward now with these four factors you have narrowed down the approach no finally I will give you the V factor.

Is doing only business or have some vision

Finally I will give you the V factor which you have to check that is that company only doing business or does that company has a vision. What the company want to create as an impact in the market the products which it has with those products what company is helping in the society and what the vision of the company is in market what change does it want to bring in market with Impact does it want to bring in the world because the visionary leaders are going to grow a hundred percent and no one can stop visionary companies also, but the companies don’t have vision there you should not go now the five factors which have told you with it, you can narrow down those companies which are good for your very first is which factor you have to choose then you have to see the track record of the company and the founders that how much assets and money do they have how much they will support distributors then you have to see the third factor that the group of people the team that you are going to join their what is the culture and energy you have to do a search for that you have to talk to those people who have to interact with them. fourth factors which have told you is that if the company going to give you money on joining on turnover with which you will understand is this company working legitimately or not and finally does the company have any vision or is it just working to make money so if you have understood these five factors then with the help of these factors, you can choose the right company and help people so that they could choose for themselves which company is best for them.

What questions should I ask MLM?

Considering your skills as a salesperson, do you think you would be able to sell to your friends and family, and to other people you know?
If you were born to sell, then ask yourself – what about this product? Will the people I know buy it once as a favor? Would they buy it repeatedly and consistently?

Should You join A MLM?

MLMs require you to sell the company’s products and to convince others to join, invest, and sell the product. MLMs are not for people who don’t like selling or are uncomfortable asking others to invest their time and money in a business venture.

Building a High performing team in 2022 by Dr Vivek Bindra

Team work in collaboration

Do you want to increase productivity and efficiency of your Employees for your Company or industry? Do you want to know how collaborative advantage can help you to achieve your organisational goals? How to build a high performing team? Read this article in which Dr. Vivek Bindra 10 10 Strategies to keep employees motivated by appreciating them.

Hello Everyone, I am starting a Series of Building a high Performing team. The Team with High performance and speed. Training an employee who one can handle work of 5 employees in your organisation or company. But right you have employees who 5 together cannot do work of a single person. Remember that Competative advantage is advantageous but today’s era not of only competitive advantage, Today’s Era is of collaborative advantage. You can simply leave a lot of teams and competetors if your team do work in collaboration and speed up your company. Few days ago, A big fish eats a lot of small fishes in sea but in todays eraa lot of small fishes eat a big fish in collaboration. In today’s era you not need only Comperative advantage, you need collaborative advantage. So todays topic is on speed of your Employees. Simply if you want to increase sales, Speed, Performance, then you need to clear :

  • Role
  • Goal
  • Incentivise Role and Goal.

There are a lot of low cost technology to incentivise Roles and goals,

Team work in collaboration

Today i will tell you 10 Strategies to speed up your sales, speed and performance of your company or organisation and keep motivated to your Employees. Read this Article Twice, maybe one of these idea will work on your company and employees.

Give your Employees paid Vacation

What i mentioned above, first Understand my rule here. The rule is “Anything thats Appreciated gets Repeated”. The human nature is if you appreciate a work or behaviour of human he will repeat it. You should give your Employees incentive by their Performance.

Give Trophies and Certificates To your Employees and Replace with Cash

Most of the times, You don’t need to pay cash. First you have to train your HR first. He had to do clear Roles And Goals. on which goal which trophy and certificate or medal will be provided or his name on board. Ready multiple platforms to Praise your Employee in public. if your company is growing then third point can be useful for you.

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Coffee with CEO or Lunch with boss

Take top performers of your company to a 4 star or 5 star hotel for Cofee lunch or dinner and offer them to order. By doing this, your Employees will feel Appreciated. Take photographs together, Recognise something to your employees. Put these photographs to noticeboard. By doing this, You have appreciated your Employees and he will repeat it. As i said above,”Anything that is appreciated gets repeated”.

Photo or video case study of a star performer

The Employee who is Best Star performer weekly or monthly in your company create a case study. Simply shoot a vedio of 2 or 3 minutes. Shoot a vedio by people telling about them and create a case study. And story/case-study of that employee in which people are appreciating for him, Shouting for him, and shaking hands with himand etc other moments. Share this top performers vedio on all of your social media groups, Contacts and handles. Let people know about him. If you want to grow you speed of performance, You have to search and incentivise all your employees efforts. When you will incentivise efforts and results both all cultures will be changed and performance will be increased.

Star performer to represent the company

Employees who are best performers, Pillars, helping to grow and top performers of your company Give them chances to represent your company. When your company is awarded or getting recognition, Don’t go alone take these employees with you. Say them to receive awards let ut spread that when your company is getting award this special employee is Receiving it. This will be memorable moment for them. When you have to transfer mic in Meetings, Public gathering ask them for it. By doing this you will create a bridge to your employee. And after this his performance will be increased. After seeing that employee most of your employees will think that i also should get this offer..

100% attandance| Punctuality consecutive 90 days

If someone is coming consecutively for 90 days, Also incentivise it. Because you just incentivised an employee whose attandance is 100%, Who comes on correct time or before. When you will do it other employees will also think i should get this too,This one is not difficult.

You need a Human capital, if you want to create a Intellectual capital and Financial capital. Intellectual capital and financial capital will increase automatically if you increase human Capital. People will start coming on time. Now some methods of Giving Awards and Rewards.

Loyalty and ownership award

Award your Employees also on Loyalty and ownership award. If an employee prevents a big loss,saves from a big scam,can take personal profit but did not and gave profit to company. When you will award and reward for loyalty other employees will also think that they should get this too. This will make culture and make performance and increase speed

Praise in public correct in private

When you want to praise your employee do it in public and if you want to correct your employee do it in private. You can launch a magazine or a notice board. Tell about company performance and also mention top and star performers of your company. Write an article about your top employee and distribute this magazine in public. And when someone is mistaking don’t let it go in public. Correct him in private.

Recognition for improvement in cost, Quality and customer centricity

If someone of your employees or someone of your team member do such things which increases company’s cost, increases Quality or from that customer satisfaction has increased abou company, or anything amazing which is profitable for company incentivise it ASAP. This will spread in culture of company and will increase performance and speed in your company. To increase productivity, Speed and performance you have to create department of Award and Rewards.

Performance linked

There are a lot of ways to appreciate performance of your employees

  • Monthly party outing
  • Sports events
  • Celebration
  • Motivational movies

You can appreciate you star or top employees by sending them anywhere. Show your top performers Any good motivational movies 3-4 in an year, Any special Sports celebration event Show this to them. Manage budget for event outing for your top employees, Performers will increase and performance and speed will also increase. Other employees will see and imagine i also have to go for traveling.

Henry ford Said that,”You dont have to Build Business, You got to build the right people and they will build your business”.

What makes for a high performing team?

Team members with complementary skills and specialized expertise who collaborate, innovate, and achieve consistently superior results are members of a “high-performance work team.”

What are the five elements of high performing teams?

5 characteristics of high performing team
The biggest difference between high-performing and average teams is trust.
Clear communication. After trust, communication plays a significant part in the success of a team
.Defining roles and responsibilities.
Engaging leadership.
Collective goals.